berkeley institute of homeopathy

Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy is located at 1654 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703. We run a rigorous three year professional homeopathic training program for those desiring to become homeopathic practitioners. The Institute also runs a low cost clinic designed to serve the public and to provide clinical training for its advanced students.

The classes meet once monthly for one weekend. The first year consists of a 2 day weekend of instruction on Saturday and Sunday, and the second and third years consist of a 3 day weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with one day of clinic attendance and participation, and 2 days of instruction. The first year course consists of a two day weekend of instructions on Saturday and Sunday. Starting in January of the first year students are invited to attend the clinic which occurs on the Saturday of the third year weekend, which will give valuable clinic experience and an additional 78 clinical hours.

The program requires diligent application to the homework and study required between weekends, and a commitment to self development and healing in order to prepare the student for the work of practicing homeopathy.


Is fix conceivable with Homeopathic medications?

Homeopathy is remedial. It treats the reason (interior ailment or the imbalanced vitality) and not the articulation (demonstrative side effects explicit to the malady) of the infection. The manifestations are just utilized as a sign to choose the correct solution for the person. It regards the individual all in all and not his individual body parts. Homeopathy considers the outflows of a sickness trademark to the individual and a remedial cure picked on this premise gives a delicate and perpetual fix.

In which malady condition homeopathic treatment is progressively compelling?

There is no condition that Homeopathy can’t treat. Conditions from a straightforward cold to malignancy can be treated with Homeopathy. It considers the individual indications of the patient experiencing any infection and not the determination of the ailment. By the temperance of this specific infections that can’t be analyzed clinically or even obscure ailments can likewise be dealt with. Likewise in hopeless situations where even the cutting edge line of treatment neglects to support the patient, homeopathy will end up being an awesome palliative and will improve the most recent long periods of life and facilitate the demise.

Why point by point history?

Point by point history is extremely fundamental as homeopathy puts stock in treating the individual and not the malady. So the doctor has to know the individual and not about his sickness. Additionally the ceaseless sicknesses are because of concealment of skin expressions of love or feelings; henceforth point by point history will uncover whether any past afflictions stifled has lead to the present grumblings.

Each rate influences our life, so it is imperative to know all the frequencies and its effect it had on the patients. Subsequently a nitty gritty history directly from the adolescence till date is expected to locate the correct medication which suits the patient. On the off chance that you co-work and give legit and definite history we can assist you with achieving better and sound life.

Is it safe to take Homeopathic prescriptions during Pregnancy?

Truly. It is protected to take homeopathic medications from a certified homeopathic doctor.If the treatment is arranged in a legitimate manner it will have part helpful for the mother and the youngster. The kid will be a lot more advantageous and the medications will assist with battling the inherited illnesses which are conveyed from age to age. Indeed if homeopathy is given during pregnancy the conveyance is ordinary and simpler. The kid is generally more advantageous and adjusted inwardly, mentally and genuinely.

Does one need to take the Homeopathic meds for quite a while?

No. The term of the treatment relies on the idea of the malady and the battling limit of the body. The treatment is proceeded for certain timeframe in order to improve the obstruction of the body to battle infections. So thinking about every one of these elements the treatment is proceeded for a specific time period to support the patient. When he begins improving we stop the meds and the characteristic insusceptibility of the body will deal with the remainder of the issue.

Does Homeopathy set aside long effort to act?

It is a legend that homeopathic drugs act gradually. It acts is a quick way and the impact keeps going any longer, frequently perpetually as here the illness is relieved from its underlying foundations. On the in addition to side is nonattendance of any poisonous quality and eventual outcomes. For example on the off chance that “X” is experiencing bronchial asthma and he is languishing over the most recent 14 years and has been to different frameworks of medication. Presently in the event that you give homeopathy and state in 2 years time he is totally okay – Please reveal to us which one is moderate?

Do homeopathic medications have steroids?

No. It is a confusion that has been creating in the ongoing occasions. Because of the misguided judgment that homeopathy sets aside long effort to act; subsequent to seeing the improvement at a quick rate individuals feel that homeopaths give steroids.

Every single Homeopathic medication are set up by utilizing logical predefined techniques for separating the restorative properties from source substances. There is no degree or need to contaminate the inferred meds with some other substances, as this would totally annihilate the corrective properties of the equivalent.

The remedy of homeopathic medications depends on the closeness of the side effects of the patient with those delivered by the medication (in its most flawless structure) when demonstrated (clinical preliminaries) in sound people. So any expansion to the first prescription would totally modify its restorative properties and consequently render it non-remedial. On the off chance that the patient has questions he ought to be encouraged to check the medications from a standard research center.

For what reason do homeopaths don’t tell the name of the meds that have been given?

The name of the meds isn’t revealed to support the patient. On the off chance that the patient in the wake of knowing the name of the medication begins taking it as per their impulses and likes; it will misshape the first unmodified malady picture and later on treating the patient will be significantly more troublesome.

The other truth is that sure prescriptions must be changed and given according to the condition of the malady and recuperation which is exceptionally basic. Toward the finish of the treatment if the patient needs the line of treatment that had been given it tends to be given to him however toward the finish of the treatment.

Does homeopathy put stock in sickness conclusion and neurotic examinations?

Truly it is exceptionally fundamental to analyze an illness with respect to the determination of the cure we require to know the qualities indications and not the infection side effects. For example In the event that an individual is having an assault of asthma he will have wheezing and blockage of the chest and he gets help just on the off chance that he tosses his head in reverse. The manifestation “tossing head in reverse assuages” is impossible to miss which will help us in getting the correct cure. A decent information on illness is significant. The neurotic examinations are likewise imperative to know the guess and infection finding.

Are there any nourishment limitations during the treatment?

Truly one needs to dodge espresso, crude onion and crude garlic. One ought to likewise abstain from eating mint, camphor and menthol as these can obstruct the activity of the homeopathic drug or counteractant the impact of the prescription.

Does one need to stop different drugs which the patient has been taking?

No. The patient ought not stop the medications which he has been taking. Although you can buy melatonin uk to help with this issue. It ought to be decreased after the patient is improving this ought to be done in interview with the other treating doctor.

Now and again the other drug can’t be ceased in such occurrences both the medications must be proceeded to support the patient. The treatment ought to be arranged and appropriately actualized.

Do homeopathic prescriptions achieve disturbance at first?

Now and again there is an underlying disturbance of the manifestations however it is a decent sign

that the drug is correct and has begun acting. In any case, this occurs in a couple of cases not all patients will have an irritation.

Is Homeopathy a demonstrated science?

It certainly is. Homeopathy is a science dependent on sound rationale and immense trial information. Homeopathy is the main therapeutic science where information has been gathered by demonstrating on people. The standards of Homeopathy have been determined and verified by immense clinical examinations and information. The homeopathic prescriptions are set up in an institutionalized way. The homeopathic pharmacopeia records in excess of 3500 cures, whose clinical effectiveness has been demonstrated in different clinical preliminaries led everywhere throughout the world. Different foundations and people are demonstrating new medications and expanding the extent of homeopathic prescriptions.

Are Homeopaths qualified specialists?

Truly. There are in excess of 180 homeopathic medicinal schools in India and around 2000 schools everywhere throughout the world perceived by the Government and the University. The degree course is a broad investigation of the human body and homeopathic drug store, going on for four and half years followed by entry level position for 1year, which incorporates medical clinic preparing and understanding administration. After this the understudies are given the degree making them qualified specialists. There are presently additionally postgraduate courses accessible in Homeopathy. One needs to enroll with the Homeopathic Medical Council to rehearse Homeopathy legitimately, and needs to restore the enlistment like clockwork (India).

Is it genuine that Homeopathic drugs are just fake treatments (sugar pills)?

No. The pills of homeopathic meds are produced using sugar yet they work just as vehicles. Real fluid medication arranged with liquor base is then poured over them and permitted to dry. These pills are then administered as meds.

Homeopathic prescriptions are likewise accessible in fluid structure or tinctures, which can be ingested straightforwardly or by weakening them in water.

Does the Homeopath give a similar white pills for all diseases/patients?

Unquestionably not. Despite the fact that apparently same white pills are given for all diseases or patients it isn’t along these lines, as there are in excess of 3500 solutions for endorse from and new medications are added to the rundown normally, after their demonstrating and clinical preliminaries. Every single homeopathic prescription are accessible as fluids with a liquor base. So as to administer a medication to a patient, the showed cure in the fluid structure is poured on the white sugar pills, which simply go about as vehicles to move the restorative property. Thus apparently a similar white pills are managed to all.

Is homeopathic treatment viable for youngsters, grown-ups, lady and old?

Homeopathy has no bar for age and sex; it is similarly viable for each individual in each phase of their life from birth till death.

Accomplishes Homeopathy work in intense cases?

Indeed. Homeopathy has awesome cures that give brief help in intense cases like fever, hack, cold, looseness of the bowels, cerebral pains and so forth when the individual selects Homeopathy at the beginning of the sickness.