berkeley institute of homeopathy

BIH clinics take place on the Saturday of the 3rd year class weekend.  To see the dates, please check Course Dates and Fees on this website. They will be held at 1654 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703-1455.

The fee for new clients is $85, payable 1 month in advance of the appointment to hold the appointment, and followup appointments are $50 which usually covers the remedy. Checks, made payable to køb melatonin should be sent to Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy at 1654 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703-1455.  Certain remedies may have to be ordered specially and these may require an additional $10 fee. One week’s notice is required to change an initial consultation, or the fee must be forfeited.  72 hours notice is required to cancel a follow up appointment or the fee will be forfeited.

The cases are taken by the director of the Institute Iris Hagen Ratowsky Commins, or by Jo Daly and the case taking is respectfully observed by advanced students of the Institute.  All participants in the clinic will participate in the case analysis and case management discussions throughout the year as the cases are followed. Anything said by any client in the clinic is completely confidential and will not be discussed outside of the clinic setting.

To schedule an appointment or refer someone to be scheduled, please contact the Clinic Coordinator Tamara Parnay at tparnay @ or (707) 360 8038.

To schedule an appointment for Jo Daly’s clinic, please contact Saleena Gupte at saleenagupte @