Tips On How To Improve The Performance Of Your Website

For your online business to be fruitful you have to guarantee that your site is working ideally; tragically, this isn’t generally the situation; it’s not unexpected to discover your site with execution issues. The great side is that if your site has execution issues there are various things that you can do:

Go for a strong facilitating supplier

Shoddy facilitating plans are normally great when you are beginning; in any case, when you are set up and you begin accepting a good measure of traffic you should jump to top of the line has.

In spite of the fact that, these facilitating plans will in general be costly, they give you more space to have your site which guarantees that your site stacks quicker in this manner giving your guests an astounding background.

Introduce a strong topic

Prior to purchasing a given topic, you should initially do a lot of research. Perhaps the best spot to research is in the survey destinations. Here you will perceive what various individuals need to state about various subjects and as standard guideline you should just settle with a topic with the most elevated number of positive audits.

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Giving Dogs A Good Sleep 

Pooch beds come in all shapes and sizes simply like their tenants! However, at their center, similar to a typical center of affection in every one of the canines of the world, is comfort – spelt out plainly! 

The long relationship of pooches with people is evidence that it is the most established trained species with evaluations extending from 9000 years to 3000 years B.C. Therefore, hounds have obtained the capacity to comprehend and speak with people and are receptive to human conduct like no other creature. A portion of the social intellectual aptitudes found in pooches are found not even in exceptionally canny vertebrates like the primates, yet equivalent abilities have been discovered nearer home-in human youngsters, no less. 



Are DevOps and Cloud Essential Assets in Digital Transformation? 

Advanced change, with regards to a business, happens when it completely use a blend of computerized advances to change its exercises, procedures, skills, and models, remembering both present and future movements. The inquiry we need to reply here is whether DevOps and Cloud are basic to such a change, and assuming so – why? 

Allows first consider DevOps and what it connotes for your advanced change endeavors. DevOps is likewise a genuinely new idea to a great many people. DevOps is picking up in significance as most programming organizations are giving the product as an administration, and working their item for their clients. It alludes to the interest of activities and advancement builds in the whole administration lifecycle of an item, from structure through the improvement procedure to generation support. It is likewise described by tasks staff utilizing a significant number of indistinguishable procedures from designers for their frameworks work, computerizing light-footed technique. DevOps changes advancement in general and explicitly reclassifies cloud improvement by empowering responsive improvement continuously to address the issues of the business. 

It’s essential to computerized change lies in: 

  1. The DevOps culture and set of procedures empower the creation and improvement of items at an a lot quicker pace, offering constant programming conveyance, improving usefulness and empowering advancement. The community oriented method for working additionally decreases intricacy and empowers advancement and helps computerized change endeavors. 
  2. Organizations today are required to change the manner in which they work, they are required to abbreviate work cycles, increment the conveyance recurrence and trial ceaselessly to guarantee that their items are responsive and inventively intended to address the issues of their clients. DevOps meets these desires. 

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Melatonin Tablets

Melatonin Tablets – Why Take Melatonin Tablets

The body’s pineal gland naturally makes the hormone melatonin that regulates a person’s sleep-wake cycle. The secretion of this hormone is affected by light. It secrets more when it is dark, which is why people get sleepy at night.

When the body does not secrete adequate amounts of this hormone or if jet lag affects a person’s sleep, taking melatonin capsules before bed can help a person sleep more soundly and stay asleep.

Studies have shown that melatonin to have other benefits as well, such as antioxidant properties that help slow the aging process. Research continues on this and other benefits of melatonin.


Reasons to Buy Gold Coins

As of late, there’s been a considerable amount of discussion concerning whether to buy gold coins, silver coins and different valuable metals as an investment just as a support against approaching expansion. While nobody individual can precisely anticipate the future and how monetary retreat will play out, it is anything but an impractical notion to buy gold coins. There are a few fantastic motivations to do as such, paying little heed to what occurs in the coming years. How about we investigate the reasons you should buy gold coins and different types of gold for both benefit and security.

One fantasy progressed by standard monetary investigators is that gold is an awful investment. Nothing could be further from reality. Since 2000, stocks have stayed dormant while gold has quadrupled in cost. Regardless of this expansion, gold is as yet a dynamite investment and it’s not very late to get in on owning gold for benefit. Over the coming years, financial specialists who accurately predicted the land market bubble and the resulting crash just as the monetary emergency anticipate gold going much higher, conceivably as high as $5,000 per ounce.

Buy Gold Coins - What You Need to Know


Setting up a small scale business? Know ways to increase Facebook likes!

Marketing and promotional activities in the 21st century is all about connecting with the correct people in the proper manner and providing the required basic information. In quite contrast to logging on to Facebook and Twitter account all through the day, it is a concept that involves time management, knowing what the audience wants and giving them that required details. With this, the media marketing can reach great heights of success.

Differentiating between various responses from different sites:

In specifically this marketing world, social media has a huge role to play. In case of various campaigns, both in the online and offline mode, different companies respond in different manner. Hence, it is important to keep a track of that, and act accordingly. Whereas retail based industries are more responsive to Pinterest and Instagram, there are certain other websites that are specifically responsive to Twitter and Facebook. So, it is important that a classification is made in regards to this, and further details are placed in that manner.

With Pinterest, people can chalk out their own fashion domain, and can opt to click through the pictures and set up their own choices that does not match up with the provided brands. Doesn’t that answer the query as to how steel brands get enthusiasts who are more concerned with heels?

Small Business Facebook Likes


Managing Your Money: What You Need To Know About Stock Market Investments

Stocks are useful for those who want a little more cash. You will be surprised at the money available. However, you need to have lots of information and be prepared to take on risk to achieve these returns. Read the tips below to gain more stock-market insights.

Be sure to diversify your investments across a few different areas. Just like the saying, it is wise to not have all of your eggs inside of one, single basket. If you sink your entire investment budget into a single company, for instance, you will be in serious trouble if that company begins to flounder.


Use an online broker if you don’t mind researching stocks on your own. Online brokers cost much less than regular brokers, so if you are comfortable doing your own research, give online trading a shot. You want to spend the least amount of money in order to make money.

Managing Your Money


The Secret to Longevity Lies within Your Hormones

While we naturally feel drowsy after a long day’s work, there’s bound to be a reason for the exhaustion to take effect. Our body is replete with sensors that regulate our reception to environmental changes. The brain center, or Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN), signals the pineal glands, deeply seated in the brain to secrete the hormone that induces our bodies to rest.


This hormone is better known as melatonin. Apart from regulating the biological clock, it also is a longevity enhancing hormone. One of the known properties of melatonin is its ability to combine with free radicals, or negatively charged atoms of oxygen and nitrogen. This how, melatonin acts as an antioxidant, and here’s how it is beneficial:

  1. Reduction of cell damage.
  2. Better formation of antibodies to combat the spread of diseases.
  3. Increased human immunity.
  4. Reduced danger of contracting cancers.
  5. Enhanced brain functionality.

Babies have the maximum levels of melatonin circulation. The levels decrease once an individual crosses his teens. A steady, balanced diet keeps optimum melatonin levels. Inclusion of oranges, bananas, tarts, lentils, and rice, can be great melatonin supplements.

Apart from a better diet, a good lifestyle with proper activity spaces can also help in keeping optimum melatonin levels. Staying away from blue lights emitted by computers, keeping your room temperature cool at night, coupled with the use of blinders, help maintain melatonin levels.

However, as one hits the age of forty, this hormone shows a significant decrease in some cases. In these cases, doctors advise using a controlled amount of melatonin supplements. Under proper medical supervision, melatonin supplement intakes have the least toxic effects.

The following minimal checks need to be in place:

  1. Dosage has to be kept within 1mg-6mg.
  2. Ingestion of supplements should only be done 30 minutes before bedtime.

Melatonin intake has the following positive impacts:

  1. Reduction in headaches.
  2. Better relief from stress.
  3. Greater resistance to diseases.

You can buy melatonin and melatonin sleep aid is cheap, and hence easily available. It isn’t advisable to resort to them at a slight indication of an irregularity. Yet, as mentioned before, controlled intake of melatonin has its own benefits.

Student Testimonials

berkeley institute of homeopathy

“I studied with Iris Ratowsky for 4 years, initially completing the three year certificate program with Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy and then a one year round table supervision program for graduates. Iris strikes a fine balance between rigorous and detailed academic study and exploring/developing the more elusive qualities of being a healer.

By the time I graduated I had a solid foundation of materia medica knowledge, an advanced understanding of homeopathic theory and philosophy, a carefully honed set of analytical tools for analyzing a case, and a clear path for helping my clients. I appreciated the most, Iris’ dedication to our wholeness as people, students and practitioners.

Everything she did was focused on building us up, be it with knowledge, confidence, or good food. Iris wants every one of her students to be successful and sustainable on all levels. Health is not just for your clients, it’s for you too.

Studying with Iris and BIH was an enriching experience. I highly recommend it. Oh, and I passed the dreaded CHC exam on first writing.”


“I have so much appreciation for the intelligence, depth of understanding, and decades of experience that Iris brings to her teaching. She cares deeply about homeopathy, and radiates such warmth and integrity. I recommend her school wholeheartedly.”

—Ro Loughran
psychotherapist and graduate

“Some are good homeopaths, some are good teachers… Iris is both! She can
easily relate to the beginner’s mind as well as the advanced student’s. Her
thinking is critical and organized. I thank her everyday in my practice, for
the case analysis skills she taught us.

“She has a unique, animated and humorous way of teaching remedies, her classes
are always a lot of fun! Her lively demonstrations make the information hard
to forget.

“In her classes, she brings in the intellect, intuition, hard work and
relaxation all together. I am most appreciative of her emphasis on the
homeopath’s self awareness and healing.”


“Iris brings many years of experience and teaching practice into her classroom. She easily tailors learning to the different interests, melatonin håndkøb and perspectives of different students.

Class participation and discussion are encouraged, in addition to traditional lectures. You learn tools to work with clients, and case management techniques.

I got a solid foundation that covered many practical remedies and topics required for a successful practice. What makes this school unique is the emphasis on developing yourself as a practitioner. This is the place to go to develop your love of homeopathy!”


Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy.

Books & Supplies

berkeley institute of homeopathy

Book List: First Year Foundation Course

Materia Medica with Repertory
William Boericke, M.D. (less expensive Indian version is fine)

Homeopathy, An Introduction for Skeptics and Beginners
Richard Grossinger

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (Wenda Brewster O’Reilly ed.)

Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy
James Tyler Kent, M.D.

Thomas Kruzel, N.D.

Impossible Cure
Amy Lansky

Desktop Guide
Roger Morrison, M.D.

Desktop Companion to Physical Pathology
Roger Morrison, M.D.

Homeopathic Clinical Repertory
Robin Murphy, N.D.

Sterke Slaappillen
Dr Backhaus

The Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy
Herbert A. Roberts, M.D.

Prisma, The Arcana of Materia Medica Illuminated
Franx Vermeulen

Matthew Wood
(Originally published as The Magical Staff, an older version is fine)

Book List: Second Year


Indications of Miasm
Harimohon Choudhury

Chronic Diseases
Samuel Hahnemann

The Foundation of the Chronic Miasms in the Practice of Homeopathy
Henny Heudens-Mast

Homeopathic Treatment of Children
Paul Herscu, N.D.

How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor
Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.

Nature’s Materia Medica
Robin Murphy, N.D.

The Vaccine Guide
Randal Neustaedter, OMD

Monera, Kingdom Bacteria & Viruses, Vol. 1
Frans Vermeulen

Synoptic Materia Medica II
Frans Vermeulen (be sure you get Vol II, not I, which has been supplanted by Prisma)

Strongly Recommended if you can find them: (Try Amazon, ABE Books)

Differential Diagnosis of Common Complaints
Robert H. Seller, M.D.

Understanding Disease, A Health Practitioner’s Handbook
John Ball, M.D.

Book List: Third Year

Encyclopedia of Healing Foods and Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine,  Michael Murray and Joseph Pizzorno

Ritalin Free Kids, Judith Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman

Mollusks, Reptiles, (a two volume set), Insight Into Plants (3 volume set),  and  Structure (a two volume set), Rajan Sankaran

Homeopathy and the Elements, Homeopathy and Minerals, Jan Scholten

Birds, Homeopathic Remedies from the Avian Realm, Jonathan Shore, Judy Schreibman, Anneke Hogeland

Fungi, Monera,  (two separate books), Franz Vermeulen

Treating insomnia naturally – Melatonin UK

The Period Table in Homeopathy, Ulrich Welte

Melatonin Plays an Important Role in Mental Health?

Do you know what melatonin is, and how it works?

The pineal gland secretes melatonin hormone that regulates the sleeping pattern in the human body. Thus, doctors recommend patients that they take melatonin if suffering from chronic insomnia as it has other effects as well. It includes affecting your motor skills or nudging the emotional centre.

Melatonin also has other primary functions for people with a mental disorder like depression, autism, and other mental diseases.

The hormone aids a healthy sleeping cycle. Thus, its deficiency can cause other pressing health issues like blood pressure, heart problems, the improper working of the brain, etc.

Among all the problems, mental health is a significant concern that the optimum level of melatonin in your blood can cure.

Mental health

How is melatonin related to mental health?


If the melatonin level in the human body is sufficient, it induces calmness that helps you to work through the day properly. On the contrary, it leads to anxiety when the pineal gland doesn’t secrete enough melatonin.

Therefore, you can see how the hormone can act as an anti-anxiety drug. For millennials who suffer from anxiety, and most of them do, doctors suggest that taking melatonin supplements may help them control such anxious behavior.


Acute stress can often lead to depression. And, many types of research in the recent years show that melatonin synthesis has a significant effect on people suffering from it. It’s because melatonin becomes a factor affecting norepinephrine activity in patients who suffer from depression.

The depressed patients have a severe deficiency in melatonin. Thus, scientists unravel how supplements of melatonin can suppress depressant activities of these patients.

Also, it was seen that pregnant women with low melatonin level were diagnosed with depression post-surgery. However, the women who took its supplements significantly reduced the risk of depression during that period.


Children who have autism have insomnia. However, studies have shown giving them supplemental melatonin can help them sleep, and its continuation can even improve their sleeping pattern.

Externally providing melatonin in proper doses has also shown an improvement in behaviors of children with autistic disorders. Also, it helps in enhancing their level of concentration.

Thus, doctors now heavily rely on melatonin supplements as it has emerged as a promising treatment to improve the conditions of these children. However, if you think there can be side-effects of these supplement tablets, then don’t worry! These are herbal tabs made from the combination of various natural components.


Melatonin has a primary role to play in treating patients having schizophrenia. However, this method of treatment is not new, and it can be traced back to as early as the 1920s.

Sleeping disorder is one of the significant effects of schizophrenia, along with other consequences like hypertension or metabolic syndrome, etc. Doctors, therefore, advise patients to take melatonin supplements orally to improve the sleeping pattern. It will help them recover from other problems as well.

Thus, there are various positive results that an increase in the level of melatonin can have in your mental health. That is why doctors suggest you buy melatonin capsules and take them if you are suffering from mental disorders.

Travelling and Combating Jet Lag

If you need to deal with jet lag due to many trips abroad, know that the best way to sleep well is to gradually increase you sleep time at your current time zone, for example a French man living in Paris flies to New York. He will be in a minus 6 hour time difference. He needs to find a way not to suffer from jet lag.

Jet Lag

Tips for good sleep

You live an offbeat lifestyle and you can’t seem to sleep properly? And well a few tips from professionals who will may help you sleep well, no matter what time of the day or night.

  • Before you go to bed, eat a light meal
  • Don’t settle for the first cycle of sleep, try more than 5 hours of sleep, it is also advisable to take short sleeps (naps)
  • If you feel tired and you struggle to fight, you can use light therapy lamps
  • On the other hand, avoid light before sunset
  • If possible, try to sleep in darkness

Control his sleep

In order to be able to sleep when needed, it is important to be a master of his own  sleep, and for this, there are several methods that will help you regulate your sleep.

Practice activities of relaxation to sleep well and regulate your sleep

To fall asleep, you can use self-hypnosis, which seems to prove itself on persons sensitive to this kind of method. The process is simple, just relax, take a deep breath and release the top of the body. Then you can recite it inwardly typical relaxation phrases, then ultimately you can think to remember quiet that will help you dive into sleep.

But sometimes, the problem is not asleep but wake up, in this case, you have to wake up, sometimes at night. If this happens, will already know it’s important to be exposed to light as soon as the sun rises. In addition, it is recommended to eat a meal high in protein to wake up your senses and to be on alert.

To not fall back asleep, he must deal with, move, nevertheless feel not needed to take a sleep later in the day, ideally by early afternoon.

Buy melatonin to solve your problems of jet lag

Another alternative is to köpa melatonin as ideal to solve your sleep problems and very effective solution to address the vagaries of jet lag. It is a hormone naturally produced by the body that triggers the falling asleep. It can be very effective for people who sleep in offbeat because his role is somehow to give time to our biological clock, so she’s going to allow you to control your sleep.

Melatonin is not a prescription sleeping pill, it represents no risk of addiction or a any other risk to your organization because it is a natural hormone.

Sold in France as a medication, you can very easily buy melatonin. For your convenience, we have selected for you Dr Backhaus where it is safe to order online, very well known, so all drugs sold are authentic. Attention, drugs of this site are verified, they are traceable on up to their production in the laboratory, however is not the case of all websites, that’s why our choice is stopped on it.

Clinical Supervision

berkeley institute of homeopathy
Students will take a minimum of 5 cases on their own outside the clinic and analyze and prescribe for them with the support and supervision of a CHC certified supervisor. They will continue to manage the care of these clients with the supervisor throughout the year.

These clients will also become part of the student’s practice as they move into greater levels of expertise and experience. The possibility is envisioned that we may offer a fourth year which will be comprised of a clinic day and 1 day of class or study group for CHC preparation and receptfria sömntabletter, so that students will continue to build their practices with support and supervision, so that by graduation they will have their own budding practice and be prepared to sit for the CHC exam.

Supervision is a valuable source of support and encouragement at all levels of practice and is helpful to all practitioners at all levels. It is recommended as a continued source of learning and supportive care in our roles as healers throughout the years we practice. It helps to awaken us to issues in the healing client/practitioner dynamic we may not have seen on our own, to new possibilities for practice management and modalities, and a good supervisory relationship provides an ongoing safe place to bring our concerns, struggles and triumphs and helps us awaken our gifts and find our courage to be in the truth and do the work.

The philosophy underlying this sort of supervision is not the expert model as has been the case in many homeopathic training programs, but rather flows from the understanding that a close mentoring relationship with a skilled homeopath in a collaborative supervision model provides support, care and safety for the supervisee to discover and explore their difficulties, skills and gifts in order to awaken and bring their whole selves to the work and facilitate both their own and their clients’ healing and wholeness. It is encouraged that this sort of supportive relationship be nurtured throughout the life of the healer, either in one on one supervision or in peer support groups.

The Clinic

berkeley institute of homeopathy

BIH clinics take place on the Saturday of the 3rd year class weekend.  To see the dates, please check Course Dates and Fees on this website. They will be held at 1654 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703-1455.

The fee for new clients is $85, payable 1 month in advance of the appointment to hold the appointment, and followup appointments are $50 which usually covers the remedy. Checks, made payable to køb melatonin should be sent to Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy at 1654 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703-1455.  Certain remedies may have to be ordered specially and these may require an additional $10 fee. One week’s notice is required to change an initial consultation, or the fee must be forfeited.  72 hours notice is required to cancel a follow up appointment or the fee will be forfeited.

The cases are taken by the director of the Institute Iris Hagen Ratowsky Commins, or by Jo Daly and the case taking is respectfully observed by advanced students of the Institute.  All participants in the clinic will participate in the case analysis and case management discussions throughout the year as the cases are followed. Anything said by any client in the clinic is completely confidential and will not be discussed outside of the clinic setting.

To schedule an appointment or refer someone to be scheduled, please contact the Clinic Coordinator Tamara Parnay at tparnay @ or (707) 360 8038.

To schedule an appointment for Jo Daly’s clinic, please contact Saleena Gupte at saleenagupte @


berkeley institute of homeopathy

Requirements for Admission

First Year Admission:
You must have graduated from high school (or international equivalent) and have completed two years of university or college study. You must be at least 21 years of age, have fluency in written and spoken English, have a keen desire to study homeopathy and have adequate resources and time to devote to a rigorous 3 year course.*

A large part of the course is the home study required to complete the assignments and study the material. This requires time, discipline and a devotion to learning. It is important that you have ascertained within yourself that conditions in your life are such that you can devote the time necessary to enjoy and succeed in the course. If your life is such that you may have difficulties with the attendance or study time requirements, it advisable to wait until such time that you have the necessary conditions in place which would enable you to complete the course.

Second Year Admission:
Successful completion of year one above (or equivalent from another program);
and successful completion of a recognized Anatomy & Physiology course;
and completion of a First Aid and CPR class.

The Anatomy & Physiology course can be taken at a community college, accupuncture or other health training program. Certain correspondence courses are acceptable. Many community groups offer First Aid and CPR classes. Many students take these courses over the summer between first and second year.

Third Year Admission:
Successful completion of the above requirements;
and successful completion of a pathology course.

This can be taken at a community college, accupuncture, sömntabletter receptfria or other health training program. Certain correspondence courses are acceptable. Many students take this course over the summer between second and third year.

Application Deadline

We are currently accepting applications for the third year and post graduate courses.

* If these requirements have not been met for some reason, you may apply for a waiver of these requirements under special circumstances. Please submit with your application a letter of up to 2 pages detailing the circumstances and personal qualities you possess which would support a waiver of these requirements with your application.

You can download the apllication form via this link: buy melatonin if the link does not work please use our contact for and we will send it via e mail.


berkeley institute of homeopathy

Iris Hagen Ratowsky Commins, CCH, is the Director and Head Teacher of Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy. She did her undergraduate and graduate work at U.C.Berkeley, and studied homeopathy independently for 6 years before beginning a formal training program in homeopathy at Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine, from which she graduated in 1994.

She has practiced formally since that year, and was certified by both the North American Society of Homeopaths and the Council for Homeopathic Certification. She was the Registrar at NASH for many years, where she was responsible for certifying applicants. Helping to set the agenda for NASH, and as a board member participated in the ongoing work with the Council for Homeopathic Education to work with the homeopathic community to set educational standards for the training of homeopaths.

She also served on the board of the Council for Homeopathic Certification where she continued her work in education and certification. She has taught homeopathy in the U.S. and Japan.

She was one of the two core teachers at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy from 1997 to 2008. And has started Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy’s training program in which she unites her two keen and passionate interests.

The education of homeopaths and her work in helping others develop and find their gifts as whole human beings both for their own healing and development and for the healing of the larger community.

Jo Daly

Jo Daly, CCH, qualified at the School of Homeopathy, Devon UK in 1984 and subsequently studied with many teachers in UK, US and India. She moved to the US in 1989 where she was certified by the Council for Homeopathic Certification and has since been an active practitioner and teacher in California, Massachusetts and New York.

Former Dean of Education at the School of Homeopathy, New York, Jo’s clear and insightful teaching style makes her a popular teacher and seminar presenter. Her work with schools also includes faculty training, curriculum development, clinical studies and supervision. For the last decade Jo has been integrating and practicing the Sensation system of Dr. Rajan Sankaran with very beneficial results. Jo has a bi-coastal practice in New York City and the Bay Area.

Other instructors

Other instructors who have taught at BIH are: Dr. Loretta Butehorn, CCH, from Teleosis School of Homeopathy, Robyn Hope-Scherr, a well known practitioner and teacher of craniosacral and slaappillen melatonine therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Sarah Woodward, a well-known practitioner and teacher of craniosacral therapy and Buddhism.