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Melatonin Tablets

Melatonin Tablets – Why Take Melatonin Tablets

The body’s pineal gland naturally makes the hormone melatonin that regulates a person’s sleep-wake cycle. The secretion of this hormone is affected by light. It secrets more when it is dark, which is why people get sleepy at night.

When the body does not secrete adequate amounts of this hormone or if jet lag affects a person’s sleep, taking melatonin capsules before bed can help a person sleep more soundly and stay asleep.

Studies have shown that melatonin to have other benefits as well, such as antioxidant properties that help slow the aging process. Research continues on this and other benefits of melatonin.


The Secret to Longevity Lies within Your Hormones

While we naturally feel drowsy after a long day’s work, there’s bound to be a reason for the exhaustion to take effect. Our body is replete with sensors that regulate our reception to environmental changes. The brain center, or Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN), signals the pineal glands, deeply seated in the brain to secrete the hormone that induces our bodies to rest.


This hormone is better known as melatonin. Apart from regulating the biological clock, it also is a longevity enhancing hormone. One of the known properties of melatonin is its ability to combine with free radicals, or negatively charged atoms of oxygen and nitrogen. This how, melatonin acts as an antioxidant, and here’s how it is beneficial:

  1. Reduction of cell damage.
  2. Better formation of antibodies to combat the spread of diseases.
  3. Increased human immunity.
  4. Reduced danger of contracting cancers.
  5. Enhanced brain functionality.

Babies have the maximum levels of melatonin circulation. The levels decrease once an individual crosses his teens. A steady, balanced diet keeps optimum melatonin levels. Inclusion of oranges, bananas, tarts, lentils, and rice, can be great melatonin supplements.

Apart from a better diet, a good lifestyle with proper activity spaces can also help in keeping optimum melatonin levels. Staying away from blue lights emitted by computers, keeping your room temperature cool at night, coupled with the use of blinders, help maintain melatonin levels.

However, as one hits the age of forty, this hormone shows a significant decrease in some cases. In these cases, doctors advise using a controlled amount of melatonin supplements. Under proper medical supervision, melatonin supplement intakes have the least toxic effects.

The following minimal checks need to be in place:

  1. Dosage has to be kept within 1mg-6mg.
  2. Ingestion of supplements should only be done 30 minutes before bedtime.

Melatonin intake has the following positive impacts:

  1. Reduction in headaches.
  2. Better relief from stress.
  3. Greater resistance to diseases.

You can buy melatonin and melatonin sleep aid is cheap, and hence easily available. It isn’t advisable to resort to them at a slight indication of an irregularity. Yet, as mentioned before, controlled intake of melatonin has its own benefits.