Coral calcium was made famous as a health supplement when it was cited by the world’s oldest man (at the time), Shigechiyo Izumi, as the secret to his remarkably long and healthy life.

Mr. Izumi was 115 years old at the time.

But it was not simply this one-off case that sparked global interest in the remarkable healing properties of coral calcium, but also the observation of the journalist who interviewed him that the rest of the population in that area, many of whom consumed this form of calcium as part of their daily diets, all lived incredibly long and healthy lives.

In fact, it was rare they said, that people in that region failed to reach their ninety-fifth birthdays.

Coral Calcium

Live long with Coral calcium

Obviously, extraordinarily well-funded researchers were sent in to determine the cause of this extreme good health, and found that the secret was almost certainly in the water that they were drinking, which was filtered down through ancient coral reefs and into the town’s drinking supply.

The water was incredibly high in vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, and very alkaline, which lends it some very special health benefits.

What other role Coral calcium plays in human body?

We have more calcium in our bodies than any other mineral, due mainly to its role as a substantial constituent in our bones and teeth.

But calcium has many other jobs to do in the human body, including the maintenance of a healthy pH level, which directly impacts the effectiveness of the immune system and the functioning of nerves, as well as the efficiency of our digestion.

It can also alter the way in which we digest fat, and our metabolic rate, with some studies showing that people in excellent health tended to have a slightly alkaline pH, while people who were ill had a slightly acidic pH.

This could well be down to the respective levels of calcium in their bodies, both the pH and the relative health of the subjects.

What are its sources?

The main problem with traditional calcium supplementation is that our bodies are notoriously bad at absorbing it from our food.

The primary source of calcium to human beings, simple cows milk, only gives us around 12% of its actual calcium content, because our bodies simply are not up to the task of absorbing the rest before it has already been and gone.

Some previous calcium supplements were able to increase this percentage slightly, but not substantially.

So it came as no little surprise to scientists to find that coral calcium, the kind which Mr. Izumi and his fellow townspeople were drinking, has an absorption rate over over 98%.

Some scientists believe that this may be down to the fact that the coral calcium contains the exact optimum ratio of several synergistic minerals, including calcium and magnesium, and over fifty more.

Consequences of its deficiency

Calcium deficiency is a contributing factor in a number of prevalent diseases today, including diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis, lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as many others.

Preliminary studies have shown that supplementing with coral calcium can help to reduce the symptoms of patients in many of these cases, and may ultimately play a role in preventing people from developing the conditions at all.


Several scientific studies indicate that coral calcium is an excellent way to boost alkalinity, which in turn promotes an improved immune response.

This would explain why people who have consumed coral calcium all their lives have a very low incidence of disease.

It can also help to drastically slow down the aging process, enabling people to stay healthy for much longer, an assertion which is again born out by the anecdotal evidence of the Japanese community.

Some medical professionals believe that this maintenance of an alkaline pH is critical to enable the body to cleanse itself of infections.

The exact action behind this claim is uncertain, but it is certainly supported by preliminary findings, and further investigation will no doubt yield some fascinating results.

In addition to the unique and potentially incredible health benefits conferred by coral calcium, it also of course has all the same benefits of regular calcium supplementation, including the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, regulation of hormone levels and protection from harmful oxidants or free-radicals which are known to cause many types of cancer.

Easy to consume

Coral calcium is also quite unique in terms of mineral supplements in that it is 100% bio-available.

This means that your body will absorb and use as much of the calcium as it needs, and simply leave the rest to pass through the digestive system unabsorbed.

It is impossible therefore, in this particular case, to have too much of a good thing.

Coverage of coral calcium in the press has centered around medical research which strongly suggests a link between calcium supplements and a decreased risk of developing many forms of cancer, including breast, prostate and colon cancer, some of the developed world’s biggest killers.

One study claimed that if everyone took calcium supplements regularly, the incidence and severity of some cancers would be reduced by over 90%.


There are no reported side-effects of supplementing with coral calcium, and the potential benefits are so huge as to make it a no-brainer.

We don’t promise that you will live to 115, but you might get a lot closer than you otherwise would have.