The Training Program

The homeopathic training program at Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy is a two-fold holistic path towards becoming a healer skilled in the art and science of homeopathic healing. It is a unique homeopathic school in its commitment to the whole development and training of those wishing to become homeopathic practitioners. The homeopathic training is a classically based program aimed at developing the skills and knowledge necessary to become an effective homeopathic practitioner. This includes: 1) a solid grounding in homeopathic philosophy, 2) training in repertorization skills to translate the client’s words and state into repertory language necessary to find homeopathic medicines that will be helpful in moving the client to greater health, 3) a deep understanding of homeopathic medicine pictures in terms of their symptom picture and their energetic essence, including personal experiences for the student with these remedies in a

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